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::Big John31::

Oriko Leaderboard:

(oriko means good kid)

Johnny 95.5
Its this big guy's turn for the spotlight. Just finished chatting with him on Skype and was struck, as always, by his insight and humor. Get well, Baby. Don't let that cold get the best of you. Take some Zicam.
UltraGirl 95.4
This girl has been lately leaving insightful comments on my posts, a move likely to ensure her a good ranking on the Oriko Leaderboard. Thanks, UltraGirl. I too am glad my camera returned from the Center of the Earth. And do give those cranberries another try.
UltraBob 95.3
k Has been a little busy, but hopefully that's good news for Akatombo Media. We keep missing each other on Skype, but we'll figure it out one of these days. Thanks for the comments. Someday I may finish writing about the trip!
Jim 95.2
Am a little disappointed cause I thought I was going to get to see this guy next weekend at Aunt Debi's wedding. Now he's not coming after all, which is probably a wise choice and all, but still drops him a bit in the Leaderboard ratings til I get over it. Give me another day or two. And he DID make me and UltraDad a super-awesome Anniversary Card with a fun guessing game. We're still waiting to hear....who won?
Heather 95.1
Hasn't been leaving comments, and refuses to share her taco dip recipe, but she did send UltraDad and me an absolutely gorgeous Anniversary card and cash for a dinner out, which we have already made use of. Thanks, Honey.
Polly 88.0
I'm going to leave this kitty up here ahead of the dogs for now. They are still barking at her at every juncture, and as far as I can see, the only thing she does to instigate it is to exist.
Murphy the Wonderdog 87.9
Doesn't bark at Polly as much as his little demon-brother, but does bark at said brother way too much. Murphy, you are the (relatively speaking) "Big Dog". If you want the chewbone Rowdy has, don't bark at him; take it away from him!
Rowdy 75.0
Still too much barking, and a little too much pooping and peeing in the house. Is starting to learn a few tricks, but is not as clever as Murphy in that way.


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